How do you put furniture in chief architect?

You can search or browse to find objects that you want to use in the Library . To place an object, browse to and select an item that meets your needs, and drag it into the drawing. Doors and windows will automatically snap into the nearest wall. A selection of Bonus Catalogs is available for optional purchase.

How do you move objects in chief architect?

To move a free-standing object through other objects

  1. Click once on an object such as a piece of furniture, a cabinet or an appliance to select it.
  2. Hold down the Ctrl/Command key, and place your cursor over the Move edit handle at the center of the selected object. …
  3. Click and drag the object to a new location.

How do you create a table in chief architect?

To create a table using the Text tool

  1. From the menu, select CAD> Text> Text , then click in plan to open the Text Specification dialog. …
  2. On the Text panel, create the text you want displayed in your table, and use the Tab key on your keyboard to pan between text that you want to be separated in to different columns.
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How do I add items to chief architect?

To add an object to the User Catalog

  1. Using the Select Objects tool, select the object that you would like to add to the User Catalog, then click on the Add to Library edit tool. …
  2. Right-click on this new entry that was added to the User Catalog and select Rename to give this object a descriptive name of your choosing.

How do I import furniture into chief architect?

To import a symbol into Chief Architect

  1. Launch your Chief Architect software and Open the plan in which you would like to import this symbol.
  2. Select File> Import> Import 3D Symbol to display the Import 3D Symbol File dialog. …
  3. The imported object will be selected and ready to be placed in the plan.

How do you bring an object to front in chief architect?


  1. First, launch Home Designer and Open the plan in which the object you want to adjust does not display correctly. …
  2. Using the Select Objects tool, select the book. …
  3. Click the View Draw Order Edit Tools edit button.
  4. Click the Bring Forward edit button.

How do you use layout in chief architect?

To setup a layout template

  1. Start by selecting File> New Layout from the menu to create a new, blank layout file.
  2. Navigate to File> Print> Drawing Sheet Setup . Set the Drawing Sheet Orientation and Size to your liking. In most cases, the Printer Paper and Drawing Sheet sizes should be the same.

How do you set units in chief architect?


  1. Launch Chief Architect and select Edit> Preferences if you’re on a Windows computer or Chief Architect> Preferences. …
  2. On the New Plans panel of the Preferences dialog, click the radio button beside either U.S. (Imperial) Units or Metric Units for new plans. …
  3. Click OK to close the dialog to apply your change.
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How do you create a layer in chief architect?

Managing and linking layer sets to saved plan views

  1. To customize layer properties for an existing layer set, select the name of the layer set to highlight it, then click Define to open the Layer Display Options dialog. …
  2. Click the New button to open the New Layer Set dialog and create a new layer set.

How do I add catalogs to chief architect?


  1. First, launch Chief Architect and start a New Plan .
  2. Next, select Library> Install Core Content.
  3. Once all the core catalogs have been successfully installed, an Information message will display advising that “Your Library Catalogs are up to date.” Click OK.

How do I install chief architect on Premier X12?

To download and install Chief Architect X12, begin by logging in to your Chief Architect account at Browse to the Digital Locker page, click the Download button, and save the file to your local hard drive.

What files can Chief Architect import?

There are a number of file types that can be imported into or exported from a Chief Architect plan file; 2D CAD files, images, PDF files, and 3D symbols can all be imported into a plan file. Similarly, 2D CAD versions, high res images, and 3D models of your plan can all be exported.

How do I import an image into Chief Architect?

Launch Chief Architect and open a New Plan . From the menu, select File> Import> Import Picture to open the Import Picture File dialog. Browse to the picture file that you would like to import, click on its name to select it, then click the Open button. The image will now be visible in the center of the drawing area.

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How do I import AutoCAD to Chief Architect?

To import a DWG/DXF file

  1. Launch Chief Architect and start a New Plan .
  2. Select File> Import> Import Drawing (DWG, DXF) from the menu.
  3. In the Import Drawing Assistant dialog that displays, click Next or Continue to go to the Select File portion of the dialog: …
  4. On the Select Layers portion of the dialog: