How do you restore Catia?

How do I restore Catia settings?

Select the Tools > Options… command.

The options are as follows:

  1. of this tabpage: restores the default settings for all options on the current tab.
  2. for the selected workbench only: restores the default settings for all options on all categories in a selected workbench (included in a solution)

How do I reset Catia v5?

To reset the position of selected elements only, first select the elements, then click the Reset Position icon . The selected elements are reset to their initial position.

How do I show toolbars in Catia?

Right click at the bottom right corner of the Catia screen, and you’ll see all the available toolbars. Just check the one you want to see.

Where is the toolbar in CATIA v5?

To launch a toolbar, select View tab > Toolbars, as shown:

  1. The next to the name of the toolbar indicates that the toolbar is launched. …
  2. To restore the original positions of a toolbar, select the Tools tab > Customize > Toolbars (tab) > button, as shown:
  3. Each toolbar contains a separator ( ,

How do I find tools in CATIA v5?

Run a Quick Search for a Named Object

  1. Select Edit > Search (or press Ctrl+F ). …
  2. Click the General tab: …
  3. Enter the name sketch* in the Name list. …
  4. Click the Search button: …
  5. Click Select . …
  6. Click OK to exit search mode. …
  7. Run the Search command once again by pressing Ctrl+F.
  8. Display the Query list by clicking the black arrow.
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What is the meaning of CATIA?

CATIA (/kəˈtiːə/, an acronym of computer-aided three-dimensional interactive application) is a multi-platform software suite for computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), computer-aided engineering (CAE), 3D modeling and Product lifecycle management (PLM), developed by the French company Dassault …

How do I Section A section in CATIA?

Creating 3D Section Cuts

  1. Select Insert > Sectioning from the menu bar, or click Sectioning in the DMU Space Analysis toolbar and create a section plane. …
  2. In the Definition tab, click Volume Cut to obtain a section cut:

Where is sketch based features in CATIA?

Sketch-Based Features Toolbar

To choose your display mode, use the View -> Toolbars -> Sketch-Based Feature (Extended/Compact) command.