Is Altium Designer free for students?

Altium offers free or low-cost professional PCB design software for students and educators at colleges, universities and technical institutions around the world.

Is Altium PCB free?

CircuitMaker is schematic and PCB design software that is built upon Altium Designer technology. … This is a free PCB design tool unlike anything you’ve seen before.

How do I activate my student license Altium?


  1. From Altium Designer’s License Management page, select the license in the Available Licenses grid, then click the Reactivate link below the grid, or right-click and choose the Reactivate command from the context menu. …
  2. Activate through the Altium Dashboard.

How do I get my Altium license?

Sign-in to your Altium account and view and select the On-Demand or Standalone licenses available to you. Whether using an On-Demand license and Standalone license, the Available Licenses region of the page will automatically present the specific licenses available to you.

Is Altium paid?

Term-Based License. Use Altium Designer for as long as you pay for it. Includes a Standard Subscription for the latest updates, Altium 365, and more.

Which is better Altium or Eagle?

Comparing these two software, Eagle has better options when comes to integrated design or team collaboration. Better options are available in Eagle in case of hardware based project whereas on the other hand, the user interface of Altium is more reliable and powerful.

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How do I get Altium free trial?

Activate your Free Trial

  1. Complete The Trial Sign-up Form. Open Free trial sign-up form. …
  2. Open the email and Click the activation link. …
  3. Create or use your existing Altium account. …
  4. Download and install Altium Designer Using your Altium Credentials. …
  5. Run Altium Designer and enjoy your unlimited 15-day license.

What is the use of student permit?

Drivers start out by having a student’s license, also referred to as a student permit. This allows them to drive a motor vehicle, although they must be accompanied by someone who possesses either a non-professional or professional driver’s license.

Which software is best for PCB design?

Top 10 PCB Design Software

  • Altium Designer.
  • Fusion 360.
  • NI Multisim.
  • KiCad EDA.
  • Autodesk EAGLE.
  • EasyEDA.
  • Ultiboard.
  • DipTrace.

What is the price of Altium Designer?

Pricing for Altium Designer starts at $250 per month.

How does Altium licensing work?

Licensing Altium Designer is integrated into an intricate and robust system of license file management, sharing, and usage. … Private Server licenses are intended for multiple users on a network, where each user can access the Altium Infrastructure Server, using the license on an “as needed” basis.

Is CircuitMaker free?

CircuitMaker is available as freeware, and the hardware designed with it may be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes without limitations. It is currently available publicly as version 2.0 by Altium Limited, with the first non-beta release on January 17, 2016.

How good is Altium Designer?

Overall Rating

“Altium Designer is advanced PCB designing tool. ” Overall: Overall Altium is one of best PCB design software I’ve ever used. Pros: Altium Designer has thousand of advanced features to design PCBs. I really like the ability to make files of the PCB to send online PCB manufacturing service .

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Is Eagle CAD free?

Eagle has both a free version and a paid version. You can download Eagle for free, with these restrictions: 2 schematic sheets. 2 signal or plane layers.