Question: How do I find the properties of an object in AutoCAD?

On the Home tab of the ribbon, use the Layers and Properties panels to verify or change the settings for the most commonly accessed properties: layer, color, lineweight, and linetype.

How do you show the properties of an object in AutoCAD?

Control the Display of a Property for an Object

  1. In the Customize tab, Customizations In <file name> pane, select Quick Properties.
  2. In the Objects pane, select an object from the Object Type list.
  3. In the Properties pane, select the properties you want to display for an object type on the Quick Properties palette.

Where is the object properties toolbar in AutoCAD?

In AutoCAD Release 14, the easiest way to control object properties is to use the Object Properties toolbar, illustrated below. This is one of AutoCAD’s default toolbars and can usually be found directly below the Standard toolbar in the top left hand corner of the AutoCAD window.

What is AutoCAD properties command?

The Properties palette is displayed and lists the properties of the selected objects. When more than one object is selected, only those properties common to all selected objects are displayed. When no objects are selected, only the current settings of general properties are displayed.

How do I change the properties of an object in AutoCAD?

Change AutoCAD layer properties

  1. Click an empty space on the diagram to deselect anything that may be already selected.
  2. Rest your cursor on the outside edge of the AutoCAD drawing until your cursor changes to this icon:
  3. Right-click, and then click CAD Drawing Object > Properties.
  4. Click the Layer tab.
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What is object property in Autocad?

Object properties control the appearance and behavior of objects, and are used to organize a drawing. Every object has general properties including its layer, color, linetype, linetype scale, lineweight, transparency, and plot style. In addition, objects have properties that are specific to their type.

How do you pin properties in Autocad?

To Dock the Properties Palette

  1. On the title bar of the Properties palette, click (Properties), and then click Allow Docking.
  2. Click the title bar, and then drag the palette to one side of your screen. …
  3. Release the mouse button when the palette is in the location that you want.