Question: How do you split a door schedule in Revit?

How do you split a schedule into two sheets in Revit?

Select the schedule from the sheet. Adjust it using the split icon on the side and the drag points at the column ends. Move the schedule columns so that the first column is in the desired location on the sheet, and the rest of the columns are outside of the titleblock. Place the schedule onto the next sheet.

How do I split a column in Revit schedule?

You can split the Graphical Column Schedule by defining a maximum number of columns to display per segment. On the Properties palette, under the Graphics section, enter the number of columns for each segment. The schedule breaks into a new segment when that number of columns is met.

How do I make a Revit schedule smaller?

Click on the schedule in the sheet view and the Resize button will appear on the Modify Schedule Graphics Tab.

How do I group a row in a schedule in Revit?

Group Column Headings in a Schedule

  1. Open a schedule view.
  2. In the group header rows, drag the cursor across the headings to group. …
  3. Click Modify Schedule/Quantities tab Headers panel Group, or right-click the selected headings, and click Group Headers. …
  4. Enter text in the new row as necessary.
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How do you scale a schedule in Revit?

To adjust the Scale Format in View Schedules:

  1. Select the View Schedule in Revit.
  2. Click on Edit fields.
  3. Click on “Add calculated parameter” in the dialog.
  4. Create a name for the parameter.

How do you unsplit a schedule table in Revit?

On a sheet that displays a split schedule, select the schedule. Use the 4-way arrow control to drag one schedule section over the other section. Release the mouse button. The split schedule sections rejoin into one section.

How do you split a wall in level Revit?

Split Walls Horizontally

  1. Click Modify tab Modify panel (Split Element).
  2. Place the cursor on the wall or line at the point you wish to split. Note: A stacked wall can only be split vertically. …
  3. Click to place the split. A permanent horizontal line displays on the wall indicating the split.

How do I change a door schedule in Revit?

select a cell or column in the schedule body. Click (Insert) on the Columns panel to open the Select Fields dialog, which functions like the Fields tab of the Schedule Properties dialog. Add new schedule fields and adjust the field order as needed.

How do I resize a schedule row in Revit?

Right click on the column letter of the newly created column and select Edit Font. (If you right click in the row instead of the column header the Edit Font option will be grayed out.) Set the desired size of the font. Click OK.

How do I copy a Revit schedule?


  1. Open both projects in the same window of Revit.
  2. In the first project, right click on the name of the schedule you want to copy, and choose “Copy to Clipboard”
  3. In the target project, use the Paste command on the Manage ribbon, or type CTRL+V to paste the schedule into the project.
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How do I add rows to a Revit schedule?

select any cell. Click (Insert Data Row) from the Rows panel. The new row displays at the bottom of the schedule. Enter values as desired.

Modify a Schedule

  1. To edit a cell, click in it. …
  2. To select a column, click a column index (the alphabetical cells between the title and header).

How do I filter a Revit schedule?

On the Filter tab of the Schedule Properties dialog (or the Material Takeoff Properties dialog), create filters that limit the display of data in a schedule. You can create up to 4 filters, and all filters must be satisfied for the data to display. Many types of scheduled fields can be used to create filters.

How do I add a room to a door schedule in Revit?

Revit Tip – How To Add To/From Room To A Door Schedule

  1. Whilst in the Schedule view just click on the Fields > Edit button in Properties.
  2. Then from the ‘Select available fields from:’ drop down choose ‘From Room’ or ‘To Room’ and select the Room:Name field.
  3. This will now show the To/From Room Name in your schedule.