Quick Answer: How do I delete an Ansys face?

How do you delete a body in design modeler?

We are in Design modeler and click create –> Body operation but you must click it, there is no further options. There is also no delete type option in detail views.

How do you delete geometry in Ansys?

Object deletion is performed in the Scene Description dialog box (Figure 29.6. 1). To delete an object from the scene, select it in the Names list and then click the Delete Geometry button. The selected name will disappear from the Names list, and the display will be updated immediately.

How do I remove mesh from Ansys results?

First right click your mesh in the project tree and then click “Clear Generated Data”. Then, right click, say your “Node Move”, there should be a “Delete”, click “Delete”, then right click your “Mesh Edit” and there should also be a “Delete”, click that.

How do I delete Ansys surface?

Select the surface or surfaces to be deleted in the Surfaces list, and then click on the Delete button. The delete operation is not reversible, so if you want to get a deleted surface back again you will need to recreate it using one of the surface-creation dialog boxes described in the previous sections.

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How do you reset Ansys view?

Please use F11 to exit full screen mode. You have Reset Layout under Home tab. If this helps, please mark this post as ‘Is Solution’ to help others.

How do I get rid of small faces in Spaceclaim?

Removing small faces

  1. Click Small Faces in the Adjust group of the Repair tab. …
  2. Select the object(s) you want to change: …
  3. Set the Maximum area and Maximum width in the Options panel. …
  4. Use the controls in the Navigate ribbon group to view each problem one at a time before you fix it. …
  5. Click the Complete tool guide.

Re: How to get rid of ANSYS logo from CFXpost etc

with this tool you insert the video and just put your logo on the ansys logo or you put a blank jpeg to hide the logo. just insert video then choose video option and put a filter, choose the logo filter and then choose logo file.

What is virtual topology in Ansys?

The Virtual Topology toolset allows you to remove small details by combining a small face with an adjacent face or by combining a small edge with an adjacent edge. The faces or edges to be combined can be specified directly, or you can choose the edges and vertices to ignore.

How do you hide Ansys mesh?

Press F9 to hide body.

How do I get my mesh results in Ansys?

To view the mesh for the entire simulation:

  1. Right-click on the wireframe in the 3D Viewer and select Show surface mesh to display the mesh.
  2. Click the “Z” axis of triad in the viewer to get a side view of the object.
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How do you remove items from SpaceClaim?

Remove material from a solid with a surface that forms a depression

  1. Select the Combine tool from the Intersect ribbon group.
  2. Click the solid you want to cut.
  3. Click the surface you want to use to create a depression.
  4. Mouse over the solid to see the regions created by the cut.
  5. Click the region you want to delete.

How do I edit a surface in SpaceClaim?

To tweak a face

  1. Click Tweak Face. …
  2. Select an editing method: …
  3. Select a control point or curve on the face. …
  4. (Optional) Use the controls in the Select group to expand or contract your selection: …
  5. Select a tool to edit the face or surface: …
  6. (Optional) Select Tweak face display options.
  7. Click Close Surface.

How do I get rid of extra edges in SpaceClaim?

To remove edges

  1. Open a model which needs edges removed.
  2. Click the Extra Edges tool in the Fix group of the Repair tab.
  3. Edges which can be removed are highlighted.
  4. Click the Complete tool guide to remove all edges at once.
  5. You can also select areas to be excluded from fixing.