Quick Answer: How do I fix SOLIDWORKS?

How do I remove fix in Solidworks?

To change the fix or float, go to featuremanager deign tree. Select and right click on the component’s name for changing the fix or float condition. Select fix or float from the appearing menu as per your requirement.

How do you fix a component in Solidworks?

To fix or float an assembly component:

  1. Right-click the component in the graphics area or the component’s name in the FeatureManager design tree.
  2. Select Fix or Float.
  3. In assemblies with multiple configurations, select This Configuration, All Configurations, or Specified Configurations.

How do I fix the origin in Solidworks?

Click Tools > Sketch Tools > Align > Align Grid/Origin. In the Align Grid/Origin PropertyManager, under Selections: To change only the sketch origin: Select a vertex or point for Sketch Origin Location .

What does fixing a component do in an assembly?

Fixing a component means preventing this component from moving from its parents during the update operation. There are two ways of fixing a component: by fixing its position according to the geometrical origin of the assembly, which means setting an absolute position. This operation is referred to as “Fix in space”.

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What is temporary fix group in Solidworks?

You can temporarily fix or group components to affect their behavior when you drag to move or rotate components. To fix or group components: Click Temporary Fix/Group (Assembly toolbar).

How do I remove constraints in Solidworks?

Go to Display/Delete Relations (on the Sketch tab of the Command Manager) Select the sketch relation from the list on the left. Check the box to suppress it. Choose which configurations you want it suppressed in (This configuration/All configurations/Specify configurations)

How do you rotate a fixed component in Solidworks?

Click Rotate Component (Assembly toolbar) or Tools > Component > Rotate. The Rotate Component PropertyManager appears, and the pointer changes to . Select one or more components in the graphics area. Select a component and drag in any direction.

How do you fix a subassembly in Solidworks?

To make a rigid subassembly flexible:

  1. Open an assembly containing a rigid subassembly.
  2. In the FeatureManager design tree, click the rigid subassembly, and click Make Subassembly Flexible . To make a flexible subassembly rigid, click the subassembly and click Make Subassembly Rigid .

How do you mate parts to Origin?

Right click on the Part/Assembly and select Float. Click the arrow next to the Part/Assembly to display the Design Tree elements. Click on the Coordinate System, Ctrl+click on the Origin, and click Coincident Mate.

How do you lock a component in Solidworks?

Locking and Breaking External References

  1. In the FeatureManager design tree: For an individual item, right-click the feature, component, body, or part. …
  2. Click External References. …
  3. To modify external references, select the external references and click Break Selected, Lock Selected, or Unlock Selected. …
  4. Click OK.
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How do you ground a component in Solidworks?

To define a ground plane:

  1. In an assembly, click Insert > Reference Geometry > Ground Plane.
  2. In the PropertyManager, in Ground Plane, select a face in the assembly.
  3. (Optional.) Click Reverse Direction , or click the handle in the graphics area.
  4. Click . Ground Plane appears in the FeatureManager design tree.