Quick Answer: How do I use patterns in Revit?

How do I use model patterns in Revit?

Model Patterns

  1. Move pattern lines by dragging or by using the Move tool.
  2. Create dimensions that reference pattern lines; resize dimensions to move pattern lines.
  3. Rotate the pattern.
  4. Align pattern lines to other elements, such as reference planes, lines, windows.

Where are Revit fill patterns?

Note: Default fill patterns are stored in the revit. pat and revit metric. pat files in the following location: %ProgramFiles%AutodeskAutodesk Revit 2021Data.

How do you add a pattern to a wall in Revit?

Creating and managing fill patterns

Click Manage tab Settings panel Additional Settings drop-down Fill Patterns. A fill pattern is stored in the project file in which it was created. To save the pattern to a project template, open the template file and create the pattern there.

How do I add a hatch pattern to Revit?

I want to quickly load an AutoCAD hatch pattern in Revit to use as a filled region.

  1. Open AutoCAD then draw a rectangle. Create the desired Hatch pattern in the rectangle with the hatch command, then save the drawing.
  2. Import the drawing into Revit. …
  3. The hatch pattern will now appear in the Revit fill patterns list.

How do I create a Revit pattern?

Create a Custom Fill Pattern

  1. Create a custom pattern in a pattern (PAT) file. …
  2. Click Manage tab Settings panel Additional Settings drop-down Fill Patterns.
  3. In the Fill Patterns dialog, under Pattern Type, select Drafting or Model.
  4. Click (New fill pattern). …
  5. For Type, select Custom.
  6. Click Browse.
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How do you scale a pattern in Revit?

This process works for both drafting and model hatch patterns. Select the pattern you want to modify, and select Edit. From the Modify Pattern Properties dialog select import and browse to the location of the pat file and select it. Once the file is selected you will be able to change the scale.