What are the major parts of a SOLIDWORKS window?

The main section of the window, where the model or drawing is displayed, is the graphics area. The left panel displays managers such as the FeatureManager design tree, the PropertyManager, and the ConfigurationManager. You can have multiple part, assembly, and drawing document windows open at the same time.

Where is window in SOLIDWORKS?

Any changes you make to the model are reflected in all windows. To open another view of the active document in a new window: Click New Window (Standard toolbar) or Window > New Window.

How to have two SOLIDWORKS windows open?

Start by opening a document that you want to work with. In this example, I’m working with a drawing file, but this works with parts and assemblies as well. Next, click on Window > New Window from the Standard toolbar. This will open the same document in a separate window.

Can you use SOLIDWORKS on two screens?

If you have multiple displays, you can set the SOLIDWORKS application window to span two displays. In SOLIDWORKS, each part, assembly, and drawing is referred to as a document, and each document is displayed in a separate window. For drawings, each document can contain multiple drawing sheets.

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What is drawing window?

The drawing window includes a FeatureManager design tree that is similar to the design tree in the part and assembly windows. The FeatureManager design tree for drawings consists of a hierarchical list of items pertaining to the drawing. … The drawing window has rulers at the top and left side.

How do I open a new tab in Solidworks?

Adding a Custom Tab to the CommandManager

  1. Right-click a CommandManager tab, and select Customize CommandManager.
  2. In the CommandManager, right-click the New Tab that appears to the right of the current tabs and click Rename Tab.
  3. Type a new name for the tab.
  4. Click OK.

How do you tile in SOLIDWORKS?

When you Alt + click a Tile button, the document window and the SOLIDWORKS window are resized and repositioned. If multiple displays are connected, the SOLIDWORKS window spans two displays. If only one display is connected, the SOLIDWORKS window is maximized.

How do I tile horizontally in SOLIDWORKS?

To tile the document windows:

  1. Click Tile Horizontally (Standard toolbar) or Window > Tile Horizontally to display the windows horizontally.
  2. Click Tile Vertically (Standard toolbar) or Window > Tile Vertically to display the windows vertically.

How do I view different views in SOLIDWORKS?


To do this, click the View Orientation command at the top of the work area. Notice the 5 icons along the bottom of the command window. The first icon is the Single View option. This shows a single view of the part and is the default view for SolidWorks.

Where is a part used in SOLIDWORKS?

To find where a document is used:

  1. Select the document in the File Explorer tab in the left pane.
  2. Select the Where Used tab in right pane. Information about referenced documents appears in the following columns: Document. Lists the document names. Full path. Size. Type.
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What is SOLIDWORKS Explorer?

SOLIDWORKS Explorer is a file management tool designed to help you perform such tasks as renaming, replacing, and copying SOLIDWORKS files. You can show a document’s references, search for documents using a variety of criteria, and list all the places where a document is used.

How do I open multiple parts in SOLIDWORKS?

Under Part/Assembly to Insert, do one of the following:

  1. Ctrl + select several components from the list.
  2. Click Browse. In the dialog box, Ctrl + select several components and then click Open.