What is history in Solidworks?

From the History folder at the top of the FeatureManager design tree, you can access the features that you have most recently created or edited. You can also control the number of features to list in the History folder.

Who invented solidworks?

Jon Hirschtick founded SolidWorks to make that process easier. He recruited a team of engineers in 1993 to build a company that developed 3D CAD software that was easy to use.

What is solidworks office?

The SOLIDWORKS Office toolbar allows you to activate any add-in application included in the SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium package. The SOLIDWORKS Office toolbar is available only if you install SOLIDWORKS Professional or SOLIDWORKS Premium with a corresponding serial number.

What is solidworks built on?

SolidWorks is a solid modeler, and utilizes a parametric feature-based approach which was initially developed by PTC (Creo/Pro-Engineer) to create models and assemblies. The software is written on Parasolid-kernel.

How do you use history in Solidworks?

From an open document, in the FeatureManager design tree, right-click the History folder and click History Options. In the PropertyManager, under History Length, for Maximum, type an integer between 1 and 99.

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What is the purpose of Solidworks?

SOLIDWORKS is used to develop mechatronics systems from beginning to end. At the initial stage, the software is used for planning, visual ideation, modeling, feasibility assessment, prototyping, and project management. The software is then used for design and building of mechanical, electrical, and software elements.

What are the features of Solidworks?


  • SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. Create sophisticated part and assembly designs quickly and efficiently using powerful, easy-to-use software.
  • Design Reuse and Automation. …
  • Part and Assembly Modeling. …
  • Interference Check. …
  • Design for Cost: Manufacturing Cost Estimation and Quoting. …
  • 2D Drawings. …
  • Design Analysis. …
  • CAD Library.

Is Solidworks better than AutoCAD?

Both AutoCAD and Solidworks are comparable tools. AutoCAD is better suited for general-purpose 2D and 3D drafting, while Solidworks excels in developing sophisticated 3D models and simulations. There is no way to say one of these is superior to the other because it depends upon your requirements.

What language is Solidworks written in?

4 Answers. 3D Mechanical CAD software such as CATIAv5, Pro/Engineer and Solidworks are mostly written in C++, sometimes with a thin COM interface for publishing basic API to customers.

What are the commands in Solidworks?


  • Ctrl + O for File, Open.
  • Ctrl + S for File, Save.
  • Ctrl + Z for Edit, Undo.
  • Ctrl + C for Copy.
  • Ctrl + V for Paste.
  • Alt + specified values Inserts standard Windows symbols: Alt + 0176. Inserts a degree º symbol. Alt + 0216. Inserts a diameter Ø symbol. Alt + 0181. Inserts a µ symbol.

What is Solidworks CAM?

SOLIDWORKS CAM is an add-on to all versions of SOLIDWORKS CAD that lets you prepare your designs for manufacturability earlier in the development cycle. Manufacturing tasks that had to wait until a design was complete can now be performed concurrently with the design process.

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What file type is Solidworks?

SolidWorks is a CAD software developed by Dassault Systèmes. SolidWorks file extensions are. .sldprt (part) .sldasm (assembly) .slddrw (drawing)

What is the difference between Onshape and Solidworks?

In Solidworks most of the features are separated out into their own selectable options. Whereas in Onshape most features are a layer or two deep.

Google Docs:Microsoft Office :: Onshape:Solidworks.

Solidworks Onshape
More integrated analysis tools Faster to start parts/assemblies

What is solidworks PPT?

SolidWorks is a 3D solid modeling package which allows users to develop full solid models in a simulated environment for both design and analysis. In SolidWorks, you sketch ideas and experiment with different designs to create 3D models.