Best answer: How do I disable resources in Solidworks?

Go to the SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor icon in the right-hand corner of Windows and right click on the icon. Select “Dismiss Graphics Notifications.” This is the best and easiest way to simply get rid of the reminder.

How do I make SOLIDWORKS use less memory?

Method 1: The Virtual Memory Settings

  1. Go to Control Panel> System > Advanced System Settings.
  2. Advanced (Tab) > Settings.
  3. Advanced > Change.
  4. Uncheck “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives”. …
  5. Under Custom size, enter the value double the size of the amount of physical RAM installed in your PC. (

How do I stop resource monitor?


  1. In the menu bar in the web-based GUI, go to Home > Performance Monitors.
  2. Click the Performance Monitors tab.
  3. Locate the performance monitors that you want to start or stop.
  4. Select the performance monitor rows and click Actions > Start or Actions > Stop.

How do I turn off Diagnostics in SOLIDWORKS?

Every tenth time you start SOLIDWORKS, a Check Your System message appears and recommends that you run system diagnostics again. To suppress these notifications, right-click SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor in the Windows notification area and click Turn Off Notifications.

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Memory (RAM)

While the exact amount of RAM you need is going to depend on your particular models, Solidworks generally needs between 4-8GB of RAM for tasks such as rotating models, simulations, and renders.

Is 12 GB RAM enough for SOLIDWORKS?

Dassault Systemes (makers of SolidWorks) recommends that you have a minimum of 8 GB but that’s only suitable for the most basic of 3D part creation and minimal assembly. Anything slightly more complex will make your system strain and lag terribly to a point where you’re spending more time waiting rather than working.

What is PID in Resource Monitor?

In computing, the process identifier (a.k.a. process ID or PID) is a number used by most operating system kernels—such as those of Unix, macOS and Windows—to uniquely identify an active process.

What is the difference between Task Manager and Resource Monitor?

The Task Manager can best be described as a tool that runs on the surface. It lists processes and services, and general resource usage. The Resource Monitor, on the other hand, gives you options to look under the surface to look up information that the Task Manager does not provide.

What does Resource Monitor do?

Resource Monitor, a utility in Windows Vista and later, displays information about the use of hardware (CPU, memory, disk, and network) and software (file handles and modules) resources in real time. …

How do I turn off sounds in Solidworks?

Second, under System Options/General, find Configure Sounds… This will open up Sound Options from the Control Panel. Third, if you want to remove the sound, scroll down to SOLIDWORKS Sounds. Highlight the program event and choose “(None).”

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Is CPU or GPU more important for Solidworks?

While a certified video card is important SOLIDWORKS is a CPU bound application, you’ll see more performance gains from a faster CPU.

Is AMD or Intel better for Solidworks?

Solidworks, which designing software still rely mainly on single core performance of CPU for designing work. So here Intel does better. Better performed CPUs are I7–9700K and I9–9900K. If you are more on rendering than designing then get AMD, as more the cores with better clock speed faster the rendering.

How do I run solidworks smoothly?

How to improve the performance of SOLIDWORKS.

  1. Adjust the Windows Visual Effects settings (found in Performance Options) for optimal performance. …
  2. Set the SOLIDWORKS options optimally. …
  3. Turn off the unused SOLIDWORKS add-ins. …
  4. Increase processor clock speed.