Best answer: How do you save a graph in Ansys?

Try this tool: Or do you mean you want to export the data of a graph/plot? If the data right-click the result object and there should be an option to export.

How do I export Ansys results?

apr file of your model and results, perform the following steps:

  1. Click File > Save As > Save Simulation Data.
  2. The Export Creo Ansys Project dialog box opens. Specify a filename for the archive.
  3. Click Export to save the archived . apr file.

How do you export pressure from fluent data?

In the case of version 17.1, to export the pressure distribution from Fluent to Abaqus you can simply do the following:

  1. Open .cas and .dat in Fluent;
  2. File > Export > Solution Data.
  3. In the export panel you have to select (i) ABAQUS as type of file and (ii) the structural loads you want to export.

How do I save an Ansys report?

To print the information to the ANSYS FLUENT console window, click on the Print button. To save the information to a text file, click on the Save… button and specify the filename in the resulting Select File dialog box.

How do I export Ansys from mesh?

Exporting FE Mesh with Sets

  1. Generate a FE Mesh for the model and Boundary conditions.
  2. Use the Export FE Mesh block. …
  3. Import the exported Ansys Mechanical Input (. …
  4. Open Setup to modify properties in the Schematic for the External Model. …
  5. Open the Model in Mechanical Model/Static Structural.
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How do I export a mesh file from fluent?

cas file just saved by File>Read>Mesh… then it prompt “Reading a case file as a mesh file results in loss of boundary conditions.” Press OK. 4. Write the mesh as . msh by File>Write>Mesh…

How do I create a report in workbench?

Start MySQL Workbench, load the model to generate the report for, select the Model, DBDOC – Model Reporting menu item. Then select the new custom template from the list of available templates, select an output directory, and click Finish to generate the report.