How do I add materials to SketchUp VRay?

V-Ray for SketchUp includes an extensive library of ready-to-use materials. The material library is accessed by expanding the Asset Editor with the Material Editor tab open. To add a preset to the current SketchUp scene, simply drag and drop a preset material from the Library into the Asset Editor’s Material List.

How do I import a material into SketchUp?

Select File > Import. In the Import dialog box, navigate to your image, select it, select Use As Texture, and click Import.

Where can I find materials in V-Ray? Our site offers photorealistic, free materials to all V-Ray users. Just download the materials you need and put them in your scene. The . vismat Material Collection contains 140 high quality .

Where are materials saved in SketchUp?

If you want the Materials browser to automatically populate your Materials inspector panel, place your materials subfolders in your “%AppData%/SketchUp/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp/Materials” folder.

Can you import images into SketchUp?

Import your image into SketchUp by selecting File > Import. Then navigate to and select the image you want to import. If you don’t see the image you’re looking for, make sure the correct file type is selected (such as JPG or PNG). Tip: Alternately, you can also drag and drop importable files into the drawing area.

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How do I import VRay into Sketchup?


  1. click > options editor vray for sketchup.
  2. Click > Load import and select file.
  3. the game is done 🙂

How do I download VRay material library?

Navigate to “HKCUSoftwareChaos GroupV-Ray Material Library”, REG_SZ key “Download Path”. The “Download Path” key is created or updated after successful material library download.

How do I open VRay material editor in SketchUp?

To start off, material editing in Vray 3.6 occurs within the asset editor, which can be found in the Vray for SketchUp toolbar. Click on the circle with the checkerboard pattern to access the material editor.

How do I save materials in SketchUp?

To save your new texture into a new library Right Click it and choose Save As from the context menu. SketchUp uses . skm as the file type for materials. So you can either save your material to one of the default SketchUp Material folders or create a new folder and save it there.

How do I export materials from SketchUp?

Go to File -> Export -> 3D Model. Export it as a COLLADA File (*. dae) file. Click on the Options button and make sure that Export Texture Maps is checked.

Where are SketchUp 2019 materials stored?

If necessary, add your custom material collections to your favorites again. Or choose a default folder through Window > Preferences > Files to save your new material collections. By default, this folder is set to C:Users [your username] AppDataRoamingSketchUpSketchUp 2017SketchUpMaterials.