How do I apply materials in SOLIDWORKS assembly?

How do I change the material of an entire assembly in SolidWorks?

To locate the material option in an assembly, simply right click on the part of which the material will be changed and find the material option in the menu and click on the “edit material”.

How do I change materials in SolidWorks?

Editing a Custom Material

  1. In a part document, right-click Material in the FeatureManager design tree and select Edit Material.
  2. In the material tree, browse to a custom library and select a custom material.
  3. Edit properties of the material, then click Save.

How do you select all parts in Solidworks?

To select everything in the graphics area: Click Edit > Select All, or press Ctrl+A. To limit the selection to specific entities in a part, pre-select one or more entities in the graphics area. For example, pre-select an edge and a vertex to limit the selection to all edges and vertices.

How do you show materials in SolidWorks drawing?

To insert a Bill of Materials into a drawing:

  1. Click Bill of Materials (Table toolbar), or Insert > Tables > Bill of Materials.
  2. Select a drawing view to specify the model.
  3. Set the properties in the Bill of Materials PropertyManager, then click OK .
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Can you have multiple materials in SolidWorks part?

All Rights Reserved. Stratasys Connex multi-material 3D printing gives you the ability to create models with multiple materials in a single build. … Regions of a part or assembly that are going to be 3D printed in different materials must not have any overlapping geometries.

How do you find the material of a part in SolidWorks?

In a part document, right-click Material in the FeatureManager design tree. In the FeatureManager design tree, in the Solid Bodies folder, right-click a body and click Material.

How do I add materials to a SOLIDWORKS library?

In a part document, right-click Material in the FeatureManager design tree and select Edit Material. In the Material dialog box, right-click any item in the material tree and select New Library. In the Save As dialog box, provide a file name in which to store the library. Use a meaningful name.

How do you download materials for SOLIDWORKS?

To download and apply a material from the SOLIDWORKS Materials Web Portal:

  1. In the Material dialog box, select Click here to access more materials using the SOLIDWORKS Materials Web Portal on the lower left side. …
  2. Select the settings for Select Study, Select Material Model, and Select Type of Materials.


PLA or Polylactic acid normally remains with the same name and is no different. You can try the user manual of your 3D printer to find out about the existence of this material in the solidworks library.

How do I select an assembly in Solidworks?

You can select a subassembly in the graphics area by right-clicking one of its components and choosing Select Subassembly. If the component is in a nested subassembly, a list displays the hierarchy. Move the pointer over the list to highlight the various subassemblies, then click the one you want.

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How do you select edges in Solidworks?

To manually select each edge: Right-click and select Clear Selections. Select an edge. In the graphics area a red arrow appears at the endpoint of the edge and indicates a possible next edge, and selection tools appear in the PropertyManager.

How do I select a face in Solidworks?

Simply right-click on a face that is in the way choose the ‘Select Other’ command from the context-sensitive toolbar.