How do I make SketchUp smoother?

Why is SketchUp LayOut so slow?

When LayOut is experiencing freezing or lagging, you can increase the program’s performance by changing your rendering settings. You’ll want to set the rendering settings to Raster while editing the file, and once edited you can switch back to Vector or Hybrid for any exporting or printing purposes you might have.

How do I clean up my SketchUp model?

My Suggestion:

  1. “Clean Up” the whole model first. ( extension)
  2. Use “Selection Toys” and “Select All Instances” to delete unwanted components and geometery.
  3. Run another clean up.
  4. “Weld” any broken edges. “ Soften / Smooth” faces to get the poly count down.

How do I reduce lag in SketchUp?

Follow these tips to keep your model light and optimize SketchUp’s performance:

  1. Stick to simple styles. …
  2. Components are your friends. …
  3. Hide geometry you don’t currently need. …
  4. Choose JPEGs over TIFFs. …
  5. Disable fog and shadows. …
  6. Purge data that you don’t need anymore.

How do I refresh SketchUp?

To check and update model or image references in LayOut, follow these steps:

  1. Select File > Document Setup to open the Document Setup dialog box.
  2. Select References in the sidebar on the left. …
  3. Select the outdated reference (or references) and click the Update button.
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How do you fix select tool working slow in SketchUp 2018?


  1. Download the file.
  2. Shut down SketchUp.
  3. Unzip the file and open the unzipped folder.
  4. Right-click on the WindowsSlowSelectionWorkaround. bat script to “Run as Administrator.” …
  5. Open SketchUp again and see if selecting is more responsive now.

Why is SketchUp not responding?

“Not responding” generally indicates that SketchUp is busy working on something. If the file is large or heavily detailed it could be that your computer is slow enough that it will take time. It might be that SketchUp is trying to fix something.

How do I remove plugins from SketchUp?

Click the Manage tab at the top. On the Home tab, click the Uninstall button next to the extension that you want to uninstall. After a few moments, your extension is removed from your copy of SketchUp.

How do I purge unused materials in SketchUp?

Go to the material editor and hit the little house icon to go to the In Model option, then click the arrow shaped Icon next to the drop down menu and you’ll get a fly out menu, on there you will find Purge Unused. Or go Window/Model Info/Statistics and hit the purge unused button.

What is an extension in SketchUp?

These extensions enable you to add special tools and features to SketchUp. You can find extensions for a specific application (such as drawing or 3D printing) and industry-specific tools (such as extensions for architecture, interior design, construction, and more). In the Extension Warehouse, you can.

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