How do you do phases in Revit?

How do you show all phases in Revit?

To access all Phases options, go to Phases menu in the Manage tab. The first thing you need to do is set the phases you require. RENOVATION PROJECT: In most Revit templates, the basic phases are Existing and New. For most project, this is all you will need.

How do you show two phases in Revit?

Click Manage tab Phasing panel (Phases). Click the number box adjacent to the phase to combine with another phase. Under Combine with, click Next or Previous. Click OK.

How do you use phase filters in Revit?

Create phase filters (in addition to the default filters) to control the display of elements based on their phase status.

  1. Click Manage tab Phasing panel (Phases).
  2. In the Phasing dialog, click the Phase Filters tab.
  3. Click New to insert a new phase filter. …
  4. (Optional) Click in the Filter Name box to edit the name.

How do I create a design option in Revit?

Setup a Design Option

  1. On the Manage tab within Revit, select the Design Option button.
  2. Select the New button under Design Option Set to create a new option set called “Option Set 1”. …
  3. Select the New button under Option to create a new option called Option 2.
  4. Close the Design Option dialog.
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How do you draw existing in Revit?

You can go the the view properties and set the Phase filter to “Show Previous and Demo”. This will show the existing and demo construction. To draw in a particular phase you will need to set the Phase in the View Properties.

What is a detail line Revit?

The Detail Line tool has the same line styles as the Line tool, but detail lines are view-specific, like detail components and other annotations. Detail lines are drawn in the view’s sketch plane. In MEP views, detail lines are sketched as full-toned lines.

What is linear phase response?

Linear-phase describes the response of a filter. When a signal goes through a filter, it experiences a time delay or phase shift. In a “perfect” filter, all frequencies should experience the same time delay (known as pure time delay), which preserves the wave shape as much as possible. All filters have phase shift.

How do you change phasing graphics in Revit?

Define the Graphic Display for Phase Filters

  1. Click Manage tab Phasing panel (Phases).
  2. In the Phasing dialog, click the Graphic Overrides tab.
  3. Click the appropriate boxes to define the display for new, temporary, demolished, and existing elements.
  4. Click the Phase Filters tab.

How do you demo in Revit?

Demolish Elements

  1. Open the view in which you want to demolish elements.
  2. Click Modify tab Geometry panel (Demolish). The cursor changes to a hammer.
  3. Click the elements to demolish. …
  4. To exit the Demolish tool, click Modify tab Selection panel (Modify).

What is the project base point in Revit?

The project base point defines the origin (0,0,0) of the project coordinate system. It also can be used to position the building on the site and for locating the design elements of a building during construction.

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How do you demo a ceiling in Revit?

In the Materials dialog box, highlight “Acoustic Ceiling Tile 24″ x 24”, right-click and select Duplicate from the context-sensitive menu. In the Duplicate Revit Material dialog box, type Acoustic Ceiling Tile 24″ x 24″ – Demolished as the new name and pick the OK button.