How do you make transparent glass in SketchUp VRAY?

How do you make glass translucent in VRAY?

To make the material transparent, set the Refract option to very close to white. The white color indicates that this material is fully refractive. In real world no glass material is fully reflective or fully refractive, and the same goes for glossiness.

How do you make a glass effect in SketchUp?

Glass and water transparencies are set with the aid of the SketchUp Material menu. Click the Edit Tab and choose Picker HLS (Fig.


  1. Reflective Glass: 30 to 49.
  2. Mostly Reflective : 50 to 75.
  3. Slightly Reflective: 76 to 90.
  4. Mostly Transparent: 91 to 96.
  5. Transparent: 96 to 100.

Why the glass is transparent?

Transparent Glass FAQ

This is because of the energy UV and infrared light hold and their wavelengths. When visible light transmits through glass, waves don’t have enough energy to excite the electrons within, so they pass right through the crystallized structure, thus causing transparency.

What is alpha channel VRAY?

The Alpha channel shows the transparency of objects in the scene as grayscale colors. … Pixels at anti-aliased edges have varying shades of gray, as do semi-transparent surfaces. The Alpha pass is generated automatically when rendering with V-Ray for Maya.

How do you color glass in SketchUp?

Re: Colored Glass

  1. Create an object.
  2. Select the Paint Bucket tool.
  3. From the drop-down list in the Materials toolbox, choose Translucent.
  4. Select Translucent Glass Green Dark.
  5. Click on the inside and outside surface of your object (you only need to do one side if it’s just a 2D object.
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