How do you rename a Mass in Revit?

How do you edit Mass in Revit?

Basic Mass Editing: Adding voids

  1. Select the mass, then click ‘Edit In-Place’.
  2. Select drawing tool.
  3. Set the plane to draw by face or to a work plane. …
  4. Draw the profile of the void.
  5. Select the perimeter (tab & click).
  6. Click on void form.
  7. Drag the extrusion (press spacebar to orientate. …
  8. Click ‘Finish Mass’.

How do you edit mass?

Editing In-Place Massing Families

  1. Open a project file.
  2. On the ribbon, click Massing & Site tab Conceptual Mass panel Show Mass Form and Floors.
  3. Select the mass. …
  4. Click Modify | Mass tab Model panel Edit In-Place. …
  5. Modify the mass.
  6. Click Model In-Place Mass tab In-Place Editor panel Finish Mass.

How do I change a component name in Revit?

right-click a type, and click Type Properties. As an alternative, double-click a type, or select it and press Enter. right-click the family or type, and click Rename. As an alternative, select the type and press F2.

How do I rename a Revit model?

Find the component in your project browser and right click and choose rename.

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What is massing and site in Revit?

Create a mass that is specific to the context of the current project. This mass cannot be reused in other projects. Click Massing & Site tab Conceptual Mass panel (In-Place Mass). … The application window displays the conceptual design environment. Create the desired shapes using the tools on the Draw panel.

How do I edit Inlines in Salesforce?

Before your users can start inline editing, the option must be turned on in your Salesforce org. To do this, from setup, go to User Interface and then check the box for “Enable Inline Editing.” The ability to inline edit is per Salesforce org and cannot be turned on only for specific profiles or users…it’s global.

How do you edit a component in Revit?

Select an instance of the family in the drawing area, and click Modify | tab Mode panel (Edit Family). Double-click an instance of the family in the drawing area. Note: The double-click editing behavior is determined by the setting for the Family element type in the Double-click Options.

How do you change a family type in Revit?

right-click a family, and click New Type. Enter a name for the type. The new type displays in the list. Double-click the new type to open the Type Properties dialog, and define properties for the new type.

How do I change the category of a place in Revit?

In the Properties panel, you can click Family Category and Parameters to display the Family Category and Parameters dialog. Here, you can change the category of the in-place component if you wish, and also assign an OmniClass Number for scheduling and keynoting.

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How do you add a generic model in Revit?

Create an In-Place Element

  1. Open a project.
  2. On the ribbon, click (Model In-Place). …
  3. In the Family Category and Parameters dialog, select a category for the element, and click OK. …
  4. In the Name dialog, type a name, and click OK. …
  5. Use the Family Editor tools to create the in-place element.

How do you paint a component in Revit?

Apply a Material to the Face of an Element

  1. Click Modify tab Geometry panel (Paint).
  2. In the Material Browser dialog, select a material. …
  3. Place the cursor on the element face to highlight it. …
  4. Click to apply the paint.
  5. In the Material Browser dialog, click Done.