How do you split a 3D object in Autocad?

How do you split a 3D polyline in AutoCAD?

Break 3D Polyline

  1. Select a polyline to break: pick a 3D polyline at the point to be broken.
  2. Select second break point (or F for First): pick another point on the 3D polyline.
  3. Select a polyline to break: press Enter.

How do you split a shape in AutoCAD?

To Split Polygon Objects

  1. On the command line, enter mpsplit. Press Enter.
  2. Select the polygon to split.
  3. Specify the line to split the polygon: To split the polygon by drawing a line, enter d. …
  4. To copy attached data from the original polygon to the two new polygons, enter y. Otherwise, the data is deleted.

How do you split a block in AutoCAD?

Select the block that you wish to break up and then select the menu item Edit > Other > Break up block. The block is broken up into its elements and the objects can now be individually edited once more.

What is the function of divide command in AutoCAD?

Creates evenly spaced point objects or blocks along the length or perimeter of an object.

How do I split a line in AutoCAD?

Breaking a line into two in AutoCad

  1. Type in BREAK at the command line or select break tool.
  2. Select the object you wish to break.
  3. Select First Point Option (F) then.
  4. Pick the point where you wish divide the object.
  5. When prompted to specify second break point, type @ and Enter.
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How do you divide an arc into three equal parts?

Draw a horizontal line from the other end of the given arc so as to meet the sine wave at a point. Draw a vertical line from that point to the base line (point B). Divide the line AB in three equal parts (point M,N). (To divide the arc in ‘n’ equal parts , divide the line AB in ‘n’ equal parts ).