Quick Answer: Can Onshape export to solidworks?

Onshape enables you to export parts and surfaces (from Part Studios), entire Part Studios, and subassemblies and instances (from Assemblies) as well as entire Assemblies. Tap Export. Enter a file name for the export file. Specify a format: Parasolid, ACIS, IGES, SOLIDWORKS, Collada, GLTF, OBJ, Rhino, STL.

How do I export from Onshape?

To export, right click the tab that you would like to export and click “Export.” Then simply choose the file format you want the exported file in. Onshape also creates a tab with the translated file for easy download later.

Can Onshape create STL files?

Onshape is a cloud-based, 3D CAD document system. Onshape can export models in several formats supported by Sketchfab, including glTF, OBJ, STL, Collada, and IGES. We recommend glTF.

Can you import STL into Onshape?

Onshape can import STL and use them as reference geometry which is a great feature for 3d scans that are not perfect geometry to start with.

Can Onshape open OBJ files?

Onshape enables you to import three faceted file formats: STL, OBJ and Parasolid Mesh for visualization and referencing. … You can view and reference meshes, but you can not edit them.

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Is Onshape similar to SolidWorks?

On the surface, SolidWorks and Onshape are similar 3D CAD modeling software. However, they both have certain crucial differences.

SolidWorks vs Onshape.

SolidWorks Onshape
Compatible with Windows OS. Compatible with Windows OS, Mac OS, Android OS, IOS, and Linux

How do I save an Onshape file as a PDF?

You can export Onshape drawings to the following file types: PDF.

  1. Right-click on the Drawing tab.
  2. Select Export.
  3. Specify a name for the export file.
  4. Select the desired export format.
  5. Select the version and sheets, as appropriate. …
  6. Choose how to treat overridden dimensions: Show underlines or Hide underlines.

Can Onshape be used to 3D print?

Its cloud-based system allows creators to design from any device, be it a computer, a tablet or a phone. Onshape can be used to create 2D drawings and 3D models. … The cloud-based software allows collaborative model editing.

How do I create a 3D print STL file?

Creating an STL file is done in five steps:

  1. Choose your preferred CAD program and open TinkerCad or Sketchup.
  2. Create the model or the design using your software’s tools.
  3. Save and export your design to the computer after completing it.
  4. Choose a Slicer software.

What file type does Onshape use?

The origin and format of the data comes into play with how Onshape translates it: Data from most systems imports via a universal format like ACIS, JT, STEP, IGES, Parasolid, OBJ, or STL. For AutoCAD solids the best import format is ACIS, and all 2D data is imported to DWG or DXF.

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Can SolidWorks open OBJ files?

Obj files can also be imported through SOLIDWORKS File/Open but you must select PS OBJ Reference Mesh (*. OBJ) as the file type before selecting the OBJ file.

How do I upload SolidWorks assembly to Onshape?

One last note for SolidWorks users: To import a SolidWorks assembly, first use the Pack and Go command in SolidWorks and the option to “Save to Zip file.” This will create a single zip file that contains the assembly plus all of its parts. This zip file can then be imported into Onshape.

How do I import a 3d model into Onshape?

Option 2: Import into an existing document

  1. Open the Onshape document into which you want to import files.
  2. Click (Insert new element icon) at the bottom of the window.
  3. Select Import… from the menu.
  4. Select one or more files to import and click Open.
  5. Select the preferred import option:

How do you convert STL to steps?

If you need to tackle the STL to STEP conversion, you’re in luck. Check out these two straightforward ways to convert your files! STL files are the standard format for 3D objects, especially for 3D printing.

  1. Step 1: Insert the mesh. Go to “Insert > Insert Mesh”. …
  2. Step 2: Convert the Mesh to a Solid. …
  3. Step 3: Save as STEP.

How do you turn a mesh into a Onshape?

Use Meshlab (open source software) to decimate your STL to 5000 faces, import into Vectorworks and use the ‘convert to generic solids’ and then export as Parasolid XT which creates a part in OnShape.

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