Your question: How do I detach from central file in Revit?

What does detach from central mean in Revit?

Detach from central = opens the central model as a (temporarily undefined file) “copy” – the two options when doing this (discard or retain worksets) is the key. The former will remove all worksets from the “copy” and enable the user to save the model as a pure-standalone file, elsewhere.

How do you change a file from central to local in Revit?

Use this procedure if you have already opened the central model, and you want to create a local copy of it.

  1. Click File tab Save As (Project).
  2. In the Save As dialog, navigate to the desired location on the Revit Server network or on your hard drive.
  3. Enter a name for the file, and click Save.

How do I make a detached file a central file?

Open the existing workshared file. Click File tab Save As (Project). In the Save As dialog, rename the file, and click Options. In the File Save Options dialog, select Make this a Central Model after save.

How do I open a central File in Revit?

In Revit, you can navigate to the Revit Server Network to open a central model stored on a Revit Server.

You must be in the Revit application.

  1. Click Open.
  2. In the left pane of the Open dialog, click (Revit Server Network).
  3. Select the server that hosts the model.
  4. Select the model, and click Open.
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What is central File in Revit?

The central model stores the current ownership information for all worksets and elements in the project, and acts as the distribution point for all changes made to the model.

How do you detach from Central?

Disable Worksharing

  1. Click File tab Open.
  2. Select a workshared model.
  3. In the Open dialog, select Detach from Central.
  4. Click Open. The default file name for the model is the original filename with “_detached” appended. …
  5. In the task dialog, specify whether to preserve or discard worksets. …
  6. Save the model.

Why is detach from central greyed out?

Causes: Revit cloud worksharing is different from the standard worksharing mode: When trying to open the model, it does not open the central model directly. The “Create New Local ” and “Detach from Central” options do not apply for this mode.

Where is the central model in Revit?

Open the appropriate version of Revit. Click File > Open > and navigate to the central model on the server. Click once to select the central model. Verify that the Create New Local box is checked.

How do I archive a central model in Revit?

Don’t open the Revit file that you want archived. Instead open Revit and go to the Add-Ins tab and click on Transmit a model. Find the location of the Revit file you want by clicking Browse Model. Choose an archive location where you want to store the file along with associated files by selecting Browse folders.

How do I remove a Revit model from the cloud?

To relinquish the ownership of Revit model elements, click (Actions) and click Relinquish. Select the user for whom you want to relinquish elements and click Relinquish.

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How do I enable Workharing in Revit?

Enable Worksharing

  1. Open the project file (RVT) to use as the central model.
  2. Click Collaborate tab Manage Collaboration panel (Worksets). …
  3. If desired, rename the worksets.
  4. In the Worksharing dialog, click OK. …
  5. In the Worksets dialog, click OK. …
  6. Click File tab Save As (Project).